Daina Bennett has put together a wonderfully fun game for children to learn about the love of Jesus! It is creative, innovative, and fun for the whole family! -

David E. Taylor

I am Helen Saddler, senior Pastor jñimitation Into His Chambers Ministries, our children often really appreciated the Bible puzzles. They are very educational and they stirred up sincere hunger and desire to learn the books of the Bible in a fun way. I recommend this for any children’s ministry! What a time they will have🌹 Into His Chambers

Helen Saddler, Apostle, Federal Way, WA

"The Books of The Bible Puzzle is  inspirational, educational and fun way to learn the books of the Old and New Testaments for children and adults. 
It comes with a beautiful Certificate of Completion for each of the Old and New Testaments. I recommend every church Sunday school and Christian home should have it like people have a Bible. 
It's makes a wonderful present to give someone for Christmas. Birthday and other special occasions. 
Thank you for creating a wonderful Bible Puzzle."

Yours In Christ,
Brother Willie Middleton Sr.

My name is Johnnie Clark. You know my Son Shyon Clark. I just came on to tell you guys to support a friend Daina. She is great. I bought a Books of the Bible Puzzle for my group and we love it. If you are looking for something that will aid in learning scriptures please purchase a Books of the Bible Puzzle. If you don’t personally need one, you can buy it for another kid or a kids’ friend.

Johnnie Clark.